OUR Philosophy

We believe that strong collaboration between client and architect results in successful projects. Our client’s vision is where we begin, assisting them to develop their vision into an achievable design. Our core philosophy is to create lasting environments that improve, connect, and stimulate the community.

Hodges understands that we must evolve in order to continue providing the highest standard of care and innovation in each of the market sectors we serve. Our clients deserve not only great design but progressive project delivery methodology as well.

From project initiation through design and the end of construction, the continuous sharing of project information and design intent is the very foundation of a successful project. Hodges has woven Building Information Modeling and Project Management technologies into our processes to promote better collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Hodges strives to provide better quality and efficiency through an integrated approach that is more effective than historical A/E/C industry methods. We use design visualization through BIM and VR to promote better and earlier design validation. Our staff, armed with the latest VR, mobile, and scanning technologies - working along with skilled consultants - can reduce the risk of late stage design changes by detecting constructability issues before they arise. In the event a design or construction alteration issue occurs, we have processes in place to accelerate the delivery of solutions.

Combining virtual buildings with our project management and quality assurance programs allows Hodges to be out in front leading our projects. Quality assurance is built into every project and into the very way we do business. Proper planning, organization, and coordination from the outset help us direct and control the outcome of a project and adapt to changing requirements and discovery

Construction administrators play a vital role during project construction observing work for compliance with the contract documents. At Hodges we have an experienced and highly qualified staff of construction administrators with diverse backgrounds and we match them with projects to leverage their experience.