Our Services


Master Planning

Projects often begin with little more than an inspiring idea and a potential location. HODGES thoroughly understands the owner's view of project development and the necessary return on investment, a perspective often missing in other architectural firms. This understanding is vital in early planning when many decisions affect a project's success.

Architectual Design

We offer comprehensive architecture design services tailored to your needs. Our services can include pre-design, concept feasibility, due diligence, schematic design, design development, and construction documentation. Our post-design services include bidding, negotiation, assistance with contractor selection, and construction administration.

Interior Design

We offer interior design services at various levels to suit your project's finish-out needs from origination or as a post-architectural design service. Our goal is to make your interiors inspire and present your theme throughout.


We can offer complete Furniture, Fixture, & Equipment services as an extension of our architecture and interior design services. These services may include furniture and art selection, vendor bidding and selection, purchase order control, and vendor and installation scheduling. Integrating FFE into your project is key to your successful opening and operation.

Rendering Services

We are on the cutting edge of visualization technology, bringing spaces to life. We help everyone on your team see the whole picture, from the boardroom to the investment bank. We assist our clients in imagining their future vision. Let us help you with your rendering service needs, including building information modeling, virtual reality, animation, renderings, and 3D scanning.

Sustainability Design

As a leader in environmental stewardship, our team is driven to maintain a leading-edge presence in several green initiatives. We will work to ensure that your project uses sustainable design practices to keep Earth's continued healing and health for the future. We promote a building design approach that utilizes US-made, locally sourced building materials, and continuity aligned with energy code strategies. If you desire a project with a specific LEED certification, we have the talent on staff to meet your goal.

Construction Administration

In a fast-paced world, our professional construction administrators coordinate with contractors to gauge the progress and quality of work during the project's construction. Ultimately, we strive to save the owner money, construction time, and stress. We have a proven resolution track record for the best overall result if issues arise.


We have provided services on many historic buildings, rebuilds, renovations, retrofits, and complete concept changes to existing properties. We are passionate about breathing life into your designs and ideas so that these spaces have a future for the next century. We can also aid in the process for the U.S. Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives program, which may include a 20% income tax credit for rehabilitating historic, income-producing buildings and a 10% income tax credit for rehabilitating non-historic buildings.

Commercial Planning

With the market booming towards online shopping, delivery services, shipping, and fulfillment, we know you will need specialized help planning and developing your project to fit the industrial needs of each project. We have the team to consider innovative solutions to the details, from refrigeration to collaborating with various automation and robotics providers, commissioning, and logistics. Whether you are a nationwide distributor or a start-up looking to expand your business to the next level, we have the talent and are prepared to design effective logistics solutions for DCs and MFCs projects of any size to streamline and optimize your logistics operations.

Public Spaces

We consider green spaces and gathering areas in your project from the beginning and believe connecting nature to great design is crucial to seamlessly blending buildings with the surrounding environment. The human connection to the outdoors is the path to healthy well-being. We design nature parks, trail system connections, dog parks, rest stops, public spaces, and amenity centers nested within fantastic patios and outdoor spaces with lakefront views. We can also partner with the best landscaping/civil planners to push for natural spaces, coordinating with other municipal services.