Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Westminster, CO

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema continues its reputation as a unique cinema experience in its Westminster, Colorado location. This stylish theater venue spans 45,000 square feet and features 931 luxury recliners, nine auditoriums, a full-service dining menu, and “Pandora’s Box,” a full-service bar featuring your favorite locally crafted beer. This venue promises to fulfill the Alamo Drafthouse concept they’ve become famous for.

Inside this Art Deco inspired design, with a themed interior honoring the classic women of cinema and the silent film METROPOLIS, Alamo Drafthouse introduces The Big Show. The Big Show is at the very cutting edge of Premium Large Format technology with its 66 foot wide, curved screen, dual-stacked Sony 4K Laser Projector, game-changing Dolby Atmos audio technology, and full luxury recliners. Moviegoers will enjoy a totally immersive cinematic experience.